ELi Tronic

ELI TRONIC is a young music producer from Gothenburg, Sweden


All About Eli

Elias Lunde aka. ELI TRONIC is a young music producer from Gothenburg, Sweden. He was born in 2007 and started creating music when he was 13 years old. He produces most EDM, especially House, and Future Bass. His inspiration comes from artists like Avicii, Mrtin Garrix, Illenium, and Alan Walker. His dream is to become a DJ but first, he´s studying at senior high school with music production as a major.


my music

You can listen to my music on Spotify and YouTube music. Links to Social Media are at the top of the page.

My Selling offers

My beats

My beats can be found on Beatstars

I'm selling professional beats in from bunch of different hip-hop genres like Trap, Gangsta rap, and many others. All the beats is going to sold for 25$ each with mp3 and WAV files including. Click on the button below to get to the website. 


T-shirts and Hoodies
Coming soon. Are you interested? Please contact me!


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